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Colour Options

  • Do bikes come in different colours?
    There are various colour choices for just about any make and model bike we sell.  Take a look on our website to see what's available!

General Questions

  • How often should my bike be serviced?
    The very first service should be at 850 - 1100 kilometers, for a brand new bike.
  • Can you service my bike?
    Yes.  All servicing is done at our World Distributors Ltd location, which is on North Street - directly across from TCD.
  • What bikes do you sell?
    We are the authorised dealer for Honda, Peugeot, Derbi and Vespa motorcycles and carry various models of each.
  • Do you sell storage cases for the bikes?
    Yes we do.  You'll find a selection of Shad cases in different sizes to suit your need.

Helmet questions

  • Do you sell more than one kind of helmet?
    Yes.  We have a large selection of safety-approved helmets from companies such as LS2, AGV, MDS and Diesel.